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Non - Basmati Rice

Item Description

India is the second largest producer of rice & the fourth largest exporter in the world. Any rice other than basmati rice is named as non- basmati rice. In the world it has been reported that there are 10000 varieties of rice and out of which the maximum number are in India.

Range of Non Basmati Rice

  • >>   White Rice
  • >>   Parboiled Rice
  • >>   100% broken rice

These can be again differenciated in the following way :

  • >>   Long Grain,
  • >>   Medium Grain,
  • >>   Short Grain
  • >>   100% brokens

Growing Areas :

  • >>   AP Ir 64 AP 1001
  • >>   Pnb / Har/ UP Parimal Pnb / Har / Guj Ir 8
  • >>   MP Ir 36 / Safri
  • >>   MP Swarna / Mota / Kranti

Non - Basmati Rice

Crop Position1999/002000/01 Forecast
Production82 Million tonnes86 Million tonnes
Consumption78 Million tonnes79 Million tonnes
Export Surplus4 Million tonnes7 Million tonnes

The new crop from South India, in Andhra Pradesh is a bumper crop and quality is well accepted in overseas markets. The long grain variety of IR-64 and medium grain rice variety of 1001 is well appreciated in the markets of Africa, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. FCI procurement is almost at a completion stage. Prices opened at a competitive level - attractive for overseas markets.

Regular shipments are exported to South Africa & Middle East in containers & break bulk.