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Carom Seeds or Trachyspermum Ammi

Item Description

Trachyspermum ammi, commonly known as ajowan or ajwain,[1] bishop's weed,[1] ajowan caraway, carom seeds, or thymol seeds, is a plant of India, Pakistan and the Near East whose seeds are used as a spice.


Trachyspermum ammi is traditionally believed to be a digestive aid.[citation needed] In southern parts of India, dry Trachyspermum ammi seeds are powdered and soaked in milk, which is then filtered and fed to babies.

Carom Seeds Benefits

Carom Seeds or Ajwain to Treat Indigestion, Arthritis Symptoms, Weight Loss, Influenza and Asthma

Size as small but great in deed. Can you find a better product than Carom Seed to adhere to this adage? Famously known as 'omam' in Tamil, 'ajwain' in Hindi, carom originates from middle east, later moved to Asia and other continents.

Carom Seeds to Treat Digestive Problems

Thymol in carom seeds helps as an antibacterial to fight against bacteria in the digestive system. It can help to relieve excess gas from your body and in turn cure problems with your digestive tract. Due to its fighting power against problem causing bacteria, Carom seed also helps to cureinfections in the intestines. If you have a problem with acidity, diarrhea and flatulence, regular intake of carom powder or seed will help in regulating the digestive system.

Carom Seeds to Lose Weight

Due to its effects in making your digestive system and so your metabolism work well, it helps reducing your weight naturally. Though the effect on reducing weight may take longer, you wont be having any side effects by taking ajwain or carom seeds in your daily diet.

Carom Seeds to Control Asthma

Carom seeds can be used in controlling occupational or work related asthma. Drinking carom water or mixture of ajwain&jaggery are commonly known home remedies to control asthma related breathing problems and chest congestions. Carom seeds are famously used in Ayurvedic treatments and medications.

Carom Seed Oil to Treat Arthritis Pain Symptoms

Ajwain oil can work in relieving arthritis pain and symptoms. Carom is the main ingredient used in manufacturing most of the natural, herbal products and oils. These oils can work on the inflammations and help you to get rid of arthritis related pain in legs and joints. Its effect on inflammation adds value in treating arthritis symptoms.

Carom Seeds to Fight against Cough, Flu Symptoms

Carom seeds can work wonder in chasing away cough, cold and Influenza symptoms. By chewing carom seeds with or without betel leaves can help to control dry throat you get while coughing. To get relieved from nasal congestion, you can smell carom seeds by crushing them with your fingers.When the aroma goes in, it fights against the congesting materials in the nasal path and push them away.

Carom Seeds to Fight against Toothache

You can gargle carom water to get rid of your toothache. By adding salt in carom water, you can strengthen your weak gums and prevent further from toothache. Regular practice of gargling with carom water can keep the bacteria that causes toothache away from you.

How to Prepare Carom Water

Boil drinking water with carom seeds in it. Once you start seeing the bubbles with the boiling effect, allow it to cool and drain. Whenever you have problems with gas, irregularity with your bowel, you can have a spoonful of carom water, you will see the results in few minutes. If you have problem tackling with its taste, you can add warm or normal water in it and drink. Keep carom water in handy all the time.

In India, you can also buy them from stores that sell natural medicines and herbs. Why bother about adding medicine sheets in your medical cabin? In stead use such natural products in your kitchen cabin. Make better use of the resources given by nature and live a healthy and natural life.