Goenka Exim pvt. Ltd.

"Welcome to the world of Goenka Exim Private Limited"

By far an undisputed leader in Agri business in India . Here we offer you a widerange of agro products catering all your demands with an immensly efficient supply ability to meet up every customer’s demand.

The company’s factory & warehouses  located in the admist  of the most productive regions of india enables it to procure the commodities at the cheapest prices directly from the farmers . 

The company also has a very good infrastucture for storing & processing of the commodities in form of  huge warehouses  and factories equipped with the latest & fully automatic cleaning ,grading & colour sorting plants which can clean almost every commodity with an output purity of 99%+ that too with final output capacity of more than 100,000 kgs / day.Herby a complete satisfaction in terms of pricing , procurement capacity & proper quality is fully guranteed to all customers.

A one stop destination for all types of spices , grains , seeds & pulses for all the buyer seeking a quality product at the best prices. 

  • webmitra corianderCoriander
  • webmitra mustardMustard
  • webmitra groundnutGroundnut
  • webmitra almondAlmond
  • webmitra fenugreekFenugreek
  • webmitra fennelFennel
  • webmitra CuminCumin
  • webmitra RiceRice
  • webmitra wheatWheat
  • webmitra Watermelon SeedsWatermelon Seeds
  • webmitra watermelonseedkernelWatermelon Seeds Kernel